Leather necklace

Leather in fashion starts at one time as art. As one of first jewelery parts was necklaces, they was primitive leather wire with bones, shells, stones, and animal teeth. The necklace have functional and also decorative sense. Until our days the design and meaning haven't changed. Together with the developed metallurgy the necklaces have been upgraded with bronze silver gold an other metals, such as platinum, rhodium (which are quite lasting), brass copper and other alloys.

Nowadays necklaces can symbolize ethnic identity and in most cases they use ethnic symbols or materials that have originated from local geographical fauna. Or this leather men's jewelry can identity some subculture, such as music style, religious identity, or simply symbolize the attitude towards life. Also the necklaces in general can symbolize of your material status and wealth, for example, if there are expensive metals and precious stones used.

Leather necklaces leather necklace Men necklace

The most popular necklaces, however are made of organic elements, such as leather string and shark teeth or stones that are characteristic to some particular region, shells, silver details and many more. You can buy these leather men's necklaces online and there are many great deals available on leather bracelet sale or leather necklace sale for men's leather bracelet and leather bracelet cuff. Wider woven leather cord bracelets are more expensive, so simple cord is the most natural looking and most comfortable material for these men's jewelry. There is also an option to buy personalized men's necklace. Leather necklaces with pendants can have any engraving or any ornament or sign as you wish. You can go for ethnical and tribal signs, or historical Celtic knots and crosses. There is also a large selection of calfskin necklaces with crosses.