Celtic Leather Wristbands

Celtic leather wristbands are very beautiful and have their history. The ancient warriors used to bind their arms with leather strips and for both a ritual and practical purpose to help them in a fight. Celtic bracelets usually have also decorative metal or silver details on the bracelets and are made in form of cuff bracelets (most often) as well as woven leather bracelets that are thinner and carry the traditional celtic symbols, such as Celtic knot or the cross. There are many more interesting and meaningful symbols from this culture, these are just the best known symbols and totems.

Bracelets from hide with the knot are most recognizable of the Celtic symbols that have originated from as early as Bronze Age.
Celtic jewelry are truly unique and the certain mysticism about it has maintained the interest about celtic knot bracelets and any other jewelry from that time and culture. The ancient jewelry makers were using gold and silver as early as in 2000 BC in making of this jewelry. The Celtic Cross is the most famous decorative silver element of men's bracelets. The famous knot usually is in the middle of the cross and the way it is interconnected is a symbolism of God's infinite love. The cross itself represents the four basic elements of earth - water, fire, earth and wind. However there are more speculations on the symbolism of the Celtic knot and cross. Men's armbands and other Celtic symbol bracelets are also made of silver and sometimes gold, however the silver and leather are mostly common for such ethnic and ancient men's bracelets. Silver Celtic bracelets also have the engraved basic symbols of the druid mythology. Ancient knot and the tree symbol is a typical wristband symbol. You can also buy men's infinity bracelet with custom made engraving. There are also silver Celtic wrist bands with symbols and these types of leather arm bands can be ordered online. Many beautifully crafted Celtic leather men's bracelets are available in various dyed leathers, from brown leather cuff to black and red bracelets.