Men's leather earrings

Men's earrings are probably one of the most interesting part of the piercing culture as such, dating back in history. Whilst now the earrings for men are style habit and mostly serves the decorative purpose, some time ago they were worn like a signs of belonging, an also a ritual feature. This masculine jewelry is also mentioned in the Bible and several historical documents and artifacts from ancient cultures, such as Persia.

For example, sailors used to pierce their ears, when the crossed the equator. For pirates it was a symbol of how many ships they had conquered. There were also such ear piercing that showed the Men's leather earringsinheritance and family legacy, such as the last man in the family had a pierced ear with an earring to show that. The materials used for earrings for men in most cases were precious metals, such as gold, silver and titanium nowadays, however with the development of technologies and discovery of new materials the range of ear jewelry materials has greatly expanded and you can buy leather earrings (that go especially well with silver), men's silver earrings, from simple stud earrings to incrustation ones decorated with diamonds or other jewels, also there are plastic, beaded, glass and several more types of metal jewelry both for men and women.
Men's jewelry are becoming more popular, though the men's earring fashion still remains slightly conservative if compared with women's earrings. This could be due to stereotypes regarding hippie and gay people that used earrings as signs of affiliation to their believes and culture around sixties. Luckily these stereotypes are vanishing and men have more choice and variety in choosing their accessories.

As regards the types of the earrings there are clipped ones, hoops, magnetic, as well as spring hoop, hook and ear hook earrings to buy. The prices vary, depending on the material used, and there are some great deals online to buy earrings for men. It can make a great gift for someone and you can order custom made special jewelry too, for example the ethnic jewelry, such as celtic, for example, would be perfect who someone who wears tribal and ancient jewelry.